About FIN XN


The platform for a centralised and efficient exchange of fund data

The platform is based on a data format designed by European fund associations for the delivery of Solvency II data from investment funds. Fund administrators can assign rights for the access to data and therefore can actively control the distribution of fund data. Insurers, based on the assigned rights from the fund administrator, can subscribe to the specific funds. Uploaded data is automatically checked for completeness and format verifications are performed.

Based on the configuration, every data delivery is automatically performed and an audit trail is created for sender  and receiver. Your connection to FIN XN is available via a web interface or using technologies like FTP or SFTP.  Custom designed connections are available on demand. The FIN XN servers are located in a secure environment  over redundant data centers in Germany. FIN XN offers the sender and receiver an efficient medium for the  exchange of Solvency II fund data.


Our update from Q1 / 2019 - FIN XN now also for IORP's

As of January 2019, FIN XN will be expanded to include an important element: our platform will then be in a position to fully comply with the new regulatory reporting obligations under IORPs. It is the perfect solution for pension funds. For the first reporting obligation – deadline 09/30/2019 – there will be no obstacles. When the "EIOPA Rentendatenprojekt" launches, you can complete the submission of all data in form of high-quality, certified reports with only one message from the ECB and EIOPA.

Downloading the reports for your own use is also no problem in FIN XN.


If you have any questions please don‘t hesitate to contact us:
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Central Optimisation through FIN XN

Data transfer is very complex without FIN XN

Custom data formats are complicated, tied to manual intervention and are in most cases not auditable.

Optimise your data transfer with FIN XN

FIN XN reduces the complexity of fund data transfers and offers an efficient and auditable solution.